BRANDING DISASTERS – Dairy-based haircare

Why take two bottles of yoghurt into the shower?

The resplendently coiffed Billy Connolly’s remark about the bewildering variety of shampoo choices: “Where I come from, Jojoba is the month after September and anything with egg and mushroom in it would have gone straight into the frying pan, ” recalls Clairol’s doomed attempt to market a yoghurt-based shampoo.

Launched in 1979 – and scrapped the same year – Clairol’s Touch of Yoghurt shampoo left customers baffled as to the connection between fermented dairy products and clean hair. Having failed with one marketing concept, Clairol repeated it – with identical results. Remarkably, the yoghurt shampoo had been launched on the back of an earlier failed initiative by the same company, to create a shampoo made with buttermilk.

It was Einstein who pointed out that the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.